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The standards-based Avaya 4600 Series IP Telephones bring the rich features and functions of Avaya Communication Manager directly to the desktop, while also supporting desktop applications above and beyond telephony. Several models are available, ranging from entry-level IP telephones to those built specifically for demanding contact center environments, to sophisticated color-display screenphones. The 4600 Series Telephones can be deployed in traditional office environments as well as remotely - via an integrated VPN client and are easily configured to support both the H.323 protocol as well as SIP.


What's New With This Release

R2.6 of IP telephone firmware is supported on the 4610SW, 4620SW, 4621SW and 4622SW. R2.6 builds upon the prior release (R2.4) and provides the following key enhancements

802.1x Multi-Supplicant support - 802.1x is the IEEE standard providing port by port authentication within Ethernet environments. With Release 2.6 of IP telephone firmware, now both the IP telephone and the connected PC or laptop can achieve separate authentication when joining the network. 802.1x Multi-Supplicant support is also provided by Extreme Networks within their Ethernet switching products. So together, Avaya and Extreme provide a simple and highly secure solution.

Link Layer Discovery Protocol :: LLDP support - LLDP is a protocol (802.1AB) that allows a device to advertise its features/characteristics (device type, SW release, MAC address etc.) when connected to a network. With R2.6 of IP Telephone firmware, LLDP support means that Avaya IP phones will be easier to provision and deploy, as well as manage ongoing.

Security Enhancements - In the ongoing effort to make Avaya IP telephones more secure, several enhancements have been put into place, improving, among other things, resilience to Denial of Service attacks and Push security. Additionally, default security parameters have been improved by turning off SNMP by default.

Missed-Calls on-screen counter - A usability enhancement to display the number of recently missed calls on the top line of the phone. This provides the user with important information at a glance.

Business Benefits

  • Comprehensive functions and capabilities provide great range of features to end users.
  • More services, including push of content to phone displays and audio paths, are being made available to 3rd party applications developers.
  • Provide a powerful hardware platform for Avaya Phone Application Suite applications.
  • Advanced Software for the latest in IP Telephony, security and reliability.
  • Multiple power options provide deployment flexibility and cost savings.

IP Soft Phone

IP Softphone makes it easy to place and receive phone calls from your PC or Laptop, making it ideal for teleworking applications. It gives the user a choice of simple Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and integrates well with Microsoft Desktop Applications such as Outlook and Internet Explorer, enabling click to dial and screen pops. There are options to add Instant Messaging and Presence as well as video conferencing for enhanced collaboration capabilities.


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