Enterprise Telephony

Enterprise Telephony brings voice and data together to make your business communication everything you want it to be. Designed to handle today's multi-protocol environment, they provide ease of management and scalability for manufacturer's global operations. This new age technology provides solutions that fit the way you do business today and tomorrow.


Collaboration & Video Applications

In an increasing global and dynamic business environment, it is imperative to develop a fast and effective methodology for critical decisions. If you have customers, employees or suppliers across the Country or Globe, it is not feasible to meet and discuss these decisions. Conferencing i.e. collaborating over Voice, Video or Web - is a modern-day communication investment that not only solves this problem but also enhances the productivity of your business. It is a powerful technology through which you can arrange instant meetings merely by swiveling in your chair.


Data Networking & Security

Customers are driving the new economy and reshaping your business processes. Your enterprise must learn new ways to use your network more intelligently and cost-effectively to meet customers' needs. New applications that converge Voice, Data and Video can help you provide better customer service.


Pilot Paper Shredders

In India, Pilot has established itself as a pioneer in shredders. It's high value and heavy duty shredders are in tune with technical expertise and engineering excellence. Highly effective in destroying the disposed documents, these shredders are handy and easy to use. The confidential paperwork, used data sheets, unnecessary log files or any unwanted documents can be prohibited from accidental access using these efficient shredders.

Thus making these shredders the ideal choice for small offices and homes. Such efficacy and efficiency has helped Pilot Shredders to find a place in large corporates as well.


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