Pilot Paper Shredders

Pilot Top Secret Desktop CC

The Top Secret Shredder is just the right choice for Chairmen, Managing Directors, Managers and Top Executives - just about anybody who has to deal with confidential papers. It is as compact as a telephone and equally necessary. It sits easily on your office desk and can shred A4 size papers into more than 2,300 particles. It keeps confidential data absolutely confidential.


Pilot Ideal 2250 SC

Whether in your home or a small office environment, this is the deal choice for maximum performance levels. The powerful and reliable model operates quietly with optimum efficiency levels.


Pilot Auto Shred SC

The Desk Side Shredder is the perfect option for home or office use. It also shreds the staple pins and "U" clips. An extra large waste bin holds over 500 sheets of A4 paper. The instant, high-volume shredding makes it worth much more than its reasonable price.


Pilot Lever Power I-C CC

It is a cross cut shredder. The electronic and digital control system is suitable for home and small offices. It has an overload protection and has auto and manual start/stop function. It accepts cards, staples and clips.


Pilot - 12 CC

Name of the product is 12 sheet cross cut shredder. The plastic bin shredder is suitable for small office and home settings. Equipped with automatic start/ stop facility. Capable of shredding paper, clips & staples.


Pilot Lever Winner I- S CC

This cross cut shredder with noble and magnificent shape is perfect for small offices and homes. This shredder is equipped with electronic and digital control system. Also provided with alarm signal when paper bin is full. Accepts disks, cards, staples and clips.


Pilot 4000 Central Office

The Pilot 4000 can cope with the needs of an entire office floor. Files, documents and printouts are reduced to 6.4 mm strips at 32.7 meters/min. It works on simple forwards, stop and reverse controls. Wastes collect in the built in basket located beneath the shredder.


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