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GAJSHIELD Security Simplified

Delivering powerful, easy to use, and affordable network protection

It took only a few years for network security to become a critical strategic concern for successful oraganizations. Yet many comapanies remain totally vulnerable. The equation is simple, if you have something to lose, you have somathing to protect.

Due to recent revolutions in broadband, mobility and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) firewall performance is now crucial. Ultimately, however, good security is as much about protection as it is about reaping the benefits of improved information flow. In short: the safe exchange of intellectual property and confidential information is a top line business priority.

Enterprises are subjected every day to a wide variety of Internet threats- hacketrs, viruses, worms, spyware, spam, phishing, botnest, Trojans, application explotis, identity and information theft. These can infect computers, reduce productivity, and increase costs. Traditional firewall and intrusion protection products filter network traffic, but are not designed to protect against these new contect based attacks.


GajShield UTM appliances reduce complexity and protect users from multiple internally and externally generated threats by combining multiple protection measures into a single appliances.

GajShield UTM appliances is powered by ICSA Certified GajSecure OS operating system. Scalable and modular architecture enable enterprises to scale up cost- effectively and to meet expanding needs without increasing management overhead. GajSheild appliances are automatically updated with the latest security intelligence to effectively stop a full spectrum of Internet threats.


GajSheild UTM appliances are rated for the number of users, with models for large enterprises deployements as well as small office/ home office (SOHO) or remote office environments.


Gajshield hardware appliances provide comprehensive protection, integrating multiple security functions into a single easy to deploy and easy to use platform. Gajshield offers a full series of models to protect network of all sizes.


GajShield soft appliance UTM provides integrated network Security which is Secure, Reliable & Scalable protecting networks from Instrusions, viruses and worms. GajShield Soft Appliance UTM makes it a breeze to seamlessly implement the company policies and manage them.


GajShield provides the same features and capabilities in the Gajshield soft-appliances as well as GajShield Hardware Appliances. GajShield product family offers pre- emptive protection for the entire IT infrastructure with appliances that stop attacks before it affects your network. Customers have the choice to choose either soft appliance or hard appliance depending on their network requirements.


GajShield support its customers with an outstanding service program. Customers can purchase support programs that include expedited replacement, email and telephone support 24*7 assistance .GajShield trains and certifies network administrators in brief web-based sessions which enables them to become fully proficient in all aspects of GajShield products.


GajShield was founded with a focus to provide complete security solutions. Our Mission is to make the internet a safe place to work.GajShield is a leading Security Company having the distinction of being the 1st Indian Firewall product company to be certified by ICSA Labs for its product. GajShield firewall is ICSA labs certified under corporate category (ver 4.1). The company to be certified by Management product protect various customers ranging from small business, to enterprises. GajShield is headquartered in Mumbai (India), with solution partners across the globe.

SpamGaj Email Security solution provides effective and reliable Spam filtering for small and large companies using multi-layered spam filtering and analysis. You gain complete peace of mind as SpamGaj acts as a sentinel protecting your users, network and bandwidth from spams.



  • ICSA Certified Firewall

  • VPN ( Virtual Private Network)

  • Gateway Anti- Virus

  • Anti- Spyware / Malware

  • IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)

  • URL Filtering

  • Band width Management

  • Multiple ISP

  • Load Balancing

  • High Availability

  • Auto Failover

  • Monitoring and Reporting

  • Automatic Updates

  • Remote Syslog

  • SNMP Support and many more...

Integrated Security

  • ICSA Certified Firewall

  • VPN ( Virtual Private Network)

  • Intrusion Prevention System

  • Gateway Anti- Virus

  • Anti- Spyware / Anti- Malware

  • URL Filtering

  • Band width Management

  • Bandwidth Profiling

  • Multiple ISP Support

  • Load Balancing & Auto Failover

  • Strong Authentication

  • Monitoring and Reporting

  • Multi DMZ Support

  • Enterprises Gateway UTM functionality

  • Multi- layer Security Services

  • Inline POP3, SMTP virus scanning

  • HTTP, FTP virus scanning

  • Policy based IPS

  • DHCP Server

  • P2P Blocking

  • ISP automatic link failover

  • Filters millions of URLs

  • IPSec, L2tp, PPTP VPN tunneling

  • Radius, Tacas+, LDAP authentication for VPN & Proxy

  • Static and Dynamic NAT

  • Ipsec Nat Travesal

  • High Availability

  • PPPoE support

  • Spywarc protection

  • ISP Load Balancing

  • SNMP Managemen

  • Remote Syslog support

  • Web Mnagement Console

Features Description Benefits
ICSA Certified Firewall
  • Industry standard Deep Stateful inspection Firewall
  • Gajfield Protects against malicious attacks originating from internal or external sources.
Gateway – Anti- Virus
  • Detects and stops viruses which enters your network via internet browsing (HTTP), email (SMTP, POP) and internet downloads (FTP). Automatic updates of signature files from GajShield NOC.
  • Provides advanced protection by detecting viruses before they enter your network.
Intrusion Prevention System(IPS)
  • Provides intrusion detection and prevention against thousands of attacks based on signature files and user configuration thersholds.
  • Protects your network against attacks which are not detected by Anti- Virus programs.
VPN(Virtual Private Network)
  • Provides PPTP, L2TP and IPSec technologies to create Site toSite or client to site VPN Tunnels.
  • Allows you to securely connect your branches or remote users to head office by using internet.
URL Filtering(Web Blocker)
  • Can block access to websites based on user/ time or file downloads from Internet based on files types (.mp3, .mpeg, .exe etc.) Stops malicious codes like spywares and adwares from entering to your network.

  • Increases productivity of employees and saves precious bandwidth cost Protects your network from Spywares, Malwares and various other malicious codes which enter your networks via internet downloads.
Bandwidth Management(Traffic Shapping/QOS)
  • Allocates bandwidth based on users or applications. Provides guraranteed bandwidth to critical applications.
  • Ensures existing bandwidth is being utilized effectively.
Multiple ISP Support
  • More than one isp can be connected on the same soft applicance by adding additional cards.
  • Reduces the cost of internet service by efficiently utilizing all the availables ISPs.
Auto Failover
  • Provides redundancy, when one ISP fails all the traffic is routed through second ISP.
  • Minimize internet connection interruption thus giving you true auto failover. Provides absolute zero downtime.
Load Balancing
  • Provides load balancing of applications on multiple ISPs. Increase realiability of applications in a high availability mode.
  • 100% application availability. Use all the bandwidth you are paying for all the time and not just when you need backup.
High Availability
  • Provides redundancy between two GajShield Applicances. In this scenario the backup appliance monitors the primary appliance and takes over the operations if the primary appliances fails.
  • High Availability assures highly reliable and secure connection to internet downtime.
  • Provides multiple choice of strong authentication like Radius, Tacas + LDAP, RSA SecureID token etc, to validate a particular user before he enters the coroperate network.
  • Provides advanced protection, by stopping users to use weak passwords, Disallows Password forgery, by Validating users before they enter your network.

System Management
  • Provides wide range of tools and diagnostics to track and analyze traffic and network activity. Provides extensive logging and reporting based on users, applications and IP address.
  • Logging and reporting helps in analyzing the usage patterns of bandwidth and internet Browsing.


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