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Enjoy the freedom of your office space

With a Plantronics CS60 wireless headset you can make the most of the soace around you your desk is just the starting point.


Feel free to wave your hands, walk to the water dispenser or search for that vital document while you carry on your phone - call. It's good for productivity to be able to write or type notes or access data with out bending your neck in to an uncomfortable position whilst trying to support the telephone handset. And it's energizing to stretch your arms or legs while you talk.

Plantronics headsets are simple to use and offer the best sound quality as well as absolute comfort and flexibility. Talk time of up to nine hours ensures that you will have wireless freedom throughout your entire business day. Each headset has a choice of wearing styles earloop neckband or headband fo style and comfort.

If you work in an open plan or bustling environment, the CS60, with a noise canceling microphone is ideal. If you work in a quite environment such as a private office, the CS60 Micro is an even more discrete alternative Both product are compatible with most corded desk-phones.

If you already have a Digital Cordless (DECT) phone or PBX system then the C65 wireless headset can be linked to your existing system to effectivwly become an extension phone. It is supplied with a headset holder that recharges the battery.

The stylish CS60-USB headset system gives hands free wireless freedom for VoIP softphone applications. Designed for the business professional CS60-USB can be converted into 4 headset style: over the ear, 2 different headbands or our unique behind the neck design. Connecting via the PC's USB port CS60-USB offers excellent sound quality.


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