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UBICS, See It First Video Streaming Software

Software based Video Communication Solution

To excel in today's fast-moving, global business environment, you have to interact and collaborate with co-workers, partners and customers all over the world at a moment's notice. You need to continuously innovate and transform your business model to maintain your edge and you need to plan ahead to respond rapidly to unexpected issues that impact business continuity.

Legacy videoconference & Unified Communication system of all types have failed to live up to their promise because of technical complexity and user interface issues. However, an increasingly distributed workplace, growing technical maturity and real return on investment (ROI) proof cases are coalescing to herald in the next generation of videoconferencing system, ones that really work and have true business benefits.

Why Seelt FirstTM ?

"Transmission of audio / video via the internet consumes huge bandwidth" - Seelt First breaks this conventional global belief with demonstrated evidence. The Variable Bandwidth Processor (VBP) of Seelt First allows transmission of videos via the internet on low bandwidths. Seelt first enables any business to easily create interactive streaming media by synchronizing video and web assets and by serving quality images to engage their audience on any device. Be it video conferencing, distance learning, live web broadcast or sharing or archiving the video or transferring desktop controls Seelt first enables it all.


Corporate & Video Meetings

  • Get connected from anywhere
  • Make informed decisions
  • Real – time communication

Real-time Expert Consultation

  • Product Demonstration
  • Emergency Service
  • Remote diagnostics

Video Presentations and Broadcasts

  • Reach your customers before the competition
  • Synchronize your presentations with video
  • Free accessibility for viewers

Distance Learning Programs

  • Maximize reach with minimum investments
  • Easy on demand sessions
  • Increase ROI

Desktop Sharing

  • Control transfer
  • Save time and travel cost
  • Simple to use, fast and secure


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